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Building it Right: Cyberresiliency as a Design Requirement

What would happen if a local utility was subjected to a cyberattack?

What if this cyberattack resulted in long-term infrastructure damage?

And what if, as a result, the general population was without power, water, communications or sanitation services for months instead of hours or days?

Our day starts with such a scenario. The conference that follows will examine, discuss and work through a solution resulting in a utility infrastructure in which cyberresiliency is an architectural feature rather than an applique or an afterthought. We will explore policy, acquisition and engineering processes resulting in robust and resilient systems and critical infrastructure.

Attendees will hear from authorities and experts in cybersecurity across stakeholder groups and will actively participate in an interactive exercise to identify the top-level requirements to address cyberresiliency long before the consequences of a cyberattack.

A white paper will be provided to conference participants in the weeks following the conference containing findings and results from the interactive working session, discussions through the day and responses to audience-posed questions.

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Continuing Education Credits

Kaspersky Government Cybersecurity Forum 2014 attendees are eligible to receive continuing education credits required for PMP, CISSP, CSEP and ASEP certifications. Please contact Rachel Bare if you have any questions.